6 May 1977 – The Jam release debut album – In The City

Following on from their debut single in late April 1977, The Jam released their debut album, also titled, ‘In The City’, on Friday 6th May 1977.

In The City – The Jam – album cover – released 6 May 1977

At the same time as the album release, The Jam were set up as guests, along with The Buzzcocks, on The Clash’s ‘White Riot’ tour.  They were set to play London’s Rainbow on Monday 9th 1977 it what turned out to a chaotic evening.  A rift between The Clash and The Jam, would soon see latter leave the tour and make their own way around the country.

The Nag’s Head on Thursday 12th May 1977 would be the chance to see them headline in their own right.

The YouTube clip below is an audio of the full ‘In The City’ album:

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