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11th January 2018

On Friday 3rd February 2017 I finally pushed the button on making the website live, this was to tie in with a guest appearance on Wycombe Sound’s Punkarolla show broadcast between 8pm and 10pm on the same evening.

As I write this, during the first weeks of 2018, it’s coming up for a year since the site was launched and the structure has settled down quite nicely. Not everything went as planned and due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to dedicate as much time as originally intended.  However, there was push of posts towards the end of 2017 and this increased the number of pages to just over the 100 mark for the year.  I hope 2018 will be a better year and the site can continue to grow.  Thanks to all those people who have posted comments and/or contacted me with information and encouragement.

Rewinding back to the site launch, my initial concentration was on a detailed looked back at 1977 for the 40th anniversary of this ground-breaking year in music from a national point of view, as well as High Wycombe.

What also became apparent was the wealth of gigs and live venues popping up in High Wycombe during 1967. I have managed to delve through most of the local newspaper records for that year nut only managed to publish to a half-a-dozen posts on the website.  My priority for early 2018 will be to provide brief summaries of dates, bands and gigs that graced the town throughout all of 1967 and then continue this into the 50th anniversary of 1968. I also plan to continue the 40th anniversary of gigs during 2018 – meaning 1978 will now get a similar treatment as 1977.

Significant gigs from other years will also appear on a fairly random basis – although it would make sense if they were posted around the anniversary of each gig. However, best laid plans, etc..

Note also, the Gig Notice Board page for forthcoming gigs in the High Wycombe area. This was never intended to be a comprehensive list of forthcoming gigs (there are numerous other websites dedicated to that service) but more a means to promote larger musical events in the High Wycombe area.  However, I will evolve this into links to venue and band websites, as well as giving the opportunity for registered users to post their own information.  I will undoubtedly say this several times on these pages, but please support the live music venues in High Wycombe and perhaps one day the Council will consider opening up the Town Hall again for ‘rock concerts’?

Another reminder about registration. I believe this is working OK but please email me via the details on the Contact page with any problems.  You can also use this email to send any information about past gig dates, band information, memories or memorabilia.  I am genuinely excited to receive new leads on dates of gigs that have not been previously published or easily found on the internet.  I will also stress that it can come from any year, although for the sake of my sanity, I am restricting my research to the electrified era (what ever that means?).


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