23 June 2018 – No More Heroes 4 – Wycombe Arts Centre

The 4th annual ‘No More Heroes’ punk festival takes place in High Wycombe on Saturday 23rd June 2018.  There is a change of venue this year, with the slightly bigger ‘Wycombe Arts Centre’ in Desborough Road, taking over from The Phoenix Bar in Bridge Street.

The event kicks-off at 11am and runs right through until midnight, with close to 20 bands expected to take to the stage throughout the day.

Entry is £20, with tickets available in advance or on the door.

The running order is expected to be the following but please check the event links at the foot of this post for the current information.


 11.40-12.10 INNER CITY



 1.40-2.10 CHINESE BURN

 2.20-2.50 THE ANORAKS

 3.00-3.30 THE DOLE

 3.40-4.10 NUFFIN




 6.20-6.50 SATELITTES


 7.40-8.10 THE KULT 45s

 8.20-8.50 MORGELLONS


 9.40-10.20 ACID ATTACK

 10.30-11.10 CHARRED HEARTS

 11.20-12.00 WITCHDOKTORS

Event links




Take a look at who played at ‘No More Heroes’ 2017

4/5/6 May 2018 – Animals Rock Festival – Dashwood Arms

Posh Birds Productions were proud to present a three-day music festival at The Dashwood Arms, Piddington, to raise much needed funds for the residents at Animal SOS Sri Lanka.  The event took place on Friday 4th May 2018, Saturday 5th May 2018 and Sunday 6th May 2018.

Running order (all bands are provided their services for free)

 FRIDAY 4th May

7.30-8.30 2NONBlondes band

8.30-9.00 Steph Willis

9.00-10.00 Stealworks

10.30-12.00 NBS


1.30-2.30 Beaver

2.30-3.00 Bob Anderson

3.00-4.00 Big Azza & The Jukesters

4.00-4.30 Bob Newell

4.30-5.30 Tiny Tina

5.30-6.00 Russell Leak

6.00-7.00 Public Service Announcement

7.00-7.30 Dave Dunbar

7.30-8.30 The Relics

9.00-10.00 World Gone Crazy

10.30-12.00 Hustler

SUNDAY 6th May

1.30-2.30 Jokers Parade

2.30-3.00 Sandy Lenny

3.00-4.00 Reeve

4.00-4.30 Thanx

4.30-5.30 The Sobernaughts

5.30-6.00 Mouth on a Stick

6.00-7.00 Papa Truck

7.00-7.30 RAFFLE DRAW (cash prize)

7.30-8.30 Silvervoid

8.30-9.00 Keane

9.00-10.00 Fawesome

10.30-12.00 The MFU

Weekend tickets just £10.

Daily ticket prices

Friday £4

Saturday £6

Sunday £6

Free entry for children

 More details from the following facebook pages 



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27 May 2018 – Frogfest – High Wycombe

High Wycombe annual FREE street festival  – FROGFEST – took place on Sunday 27th May 2018 in the High Street and surrounding venues.  The family-friendly event featured a variety of musicians, food stalls and street entertainers.  2018 saw Frogfest celebrate its sixth birthday, and the event was the biggest to date.

FROGFEST LINEUP 2018 MAY 27th from 11.25am.

11.25 – 11.45 – Everyone can sing
11.45 – 12.15 -Main Stage – Hartbeats Vitae Drummers
12.15 -12.40 – Squirrel Stage – The Bailey Sisters
12.40 – 13.10 – Main Stage – The Brightside
13.10 – 13.35 – Squirrel Stage – The Apricot Hounds
13.35 – 14.10 – Main Stage – 3rd Lung
14.10 – 14.35 – Squirrel Stage – 91 Nights
14.35 – 15.10 – Main Stage -Tinlin
15.10 – 15.35 – Squirrel Stage – Maz Manzini Band
15.35 – 16.10 – Main Stage – Dury Service
16.10 – 16.35 – Squirrel Stage – Other Sons
16.35 – 17.15 – Main Stage – Sir Walter J Wallis
17.15 – 17.45 – Squirrel Stage – Steph Willis
17.45 – 18.25 – Main Stage – The Hot House Four
18.25 – 19.05 – Squirrel Stage – AmiR
19.05 – 19.45 – Main Stage – These Certain People
19.45 – 20.30 – Squirrel Stage – Georgia and the Vintage Youth
20.30 – 21.30 – Main Stage – The Defekters

Notice also that The Antelope hosted a FREE live music from 1.30pm to 10.30pm, including headliners – The Sex Pistols Experience.


Visit the websites below for more information.






13 April 2018 – Punkarolla – Wycombe Sound guest appearance

A quick post to document another guest appearance by yours truly on Andy Chalk’s Punkarolla radio show on Wycombe Sound on Friday 13th April 2018.  This time around I was given almost free rein to play several Fall tracks in memory of Mark E Smith.  There was also time for Andy and myself to look back on the 40th anniversary of the first few months of 1978 – this time looking back on gigs and playing music by Generation X, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Skids, Ruts, Penetration and Rich Kids.

Another enjoyable evening in Andy’s company and a chance to hear music new and old.

A reminder that it is possible to listen live in the High Wycombe area via 106.6 FM, via the internet and mobile app. Shows are also available to ‘Listen Again’ for four weeks via www.wycombesound.org.uk

The direct link to the Punkarolla ‘Listen Again’ page is:


Shows from the earlier series are also available to listen to via MixCloud


Andy also has a Punkarolla Public Group Facebook Group


4 April 2018 – Talking punk on Emperor’s Bits for Wycombe Sound

Not put off by my guest appearance on 21st February 2018, Andy Aliffe invited me back on to his ‘Emperor’s Bits’ show on Wycombe Sound on 4th April 2018 – this time talking about the early days of the ‘punk’ scene in High Wycombe.

The Emperor’s Bits – Wycombe Sound radio show featuring Andy Aliffe (right) and Stevyn Colgan (left).

This was another hugely enjoyable hour were I was joined and helped out by friend and Wycombe Sound’s Punkarolla host, Andy Chalk.

We got a chance to remind listeners that the likes of The Sex Pistols, Damned, Clash, and Stranglers all played the legendary Nag’s Head back in 1976 – while the following year the same venue hosted The Jam, XTC and Elvis Costello.

Of course, we couldn’t leave without a mention for ex-High Wycombe Grammar school boy Ian Dury, who played High Wycombe during his early career with Kilburn and The Highroads, before returning with his Blockheads on the Bunch of Stiffs tour at The Town Hall in October 1977.

Highlight of the show for me was hearing former Bucks Free Press junior reporter Janice Raycroft talking about the iconic Sex Pistols at High Wycombe college in February 1976. Janice, now editor of Buckinghamshire Life magazine, recalled in vivid detail her interview with Johnny Rotten, seeing Sid Viscous wielding a knife and the mixed reaction of the audience.

The show also briefly touched on the 50th anniversary of the first ever ‘Blues Loft’ gig at The Nag’s Head and it’s hoped a further edition of The Emperor’s Bits will be dedicated to the history of this sadly lost venue.

The show is available on the listen again function until 2 May 2018.


Emperor’s Bits line-up 4th April 2018 – Stevyn Colgan, Andy Aliffe (nice hair), Andy Chalk and Paul Lewis

23-25 March 2018 – Faces of Wycombe – Photo exhibition

The Mad Squirrel Tap and Bottle Shop in High Wycombe are hosted a photographic exhibition from Friday 23rd March 2018 until Sunday 25th March 2018.  The event displayed photos from local photographer Mark Page, featuring over 160 distinctive monochrome images under the banner of the ‘Faces of Wycombe’.

Faces of Wycombe – Photo Exhibition at The Mad Squirrel, High Wycombe – 23 to 25 March 2018

Mark, a resident of High Wycombe for more than 50 years, began taking the photos during the summer of 2017 at open sessions at The Belle Vue pub. Interest in the photos snowballed, resulting in four sessions and over 160 people and several pet dogs, taking part.

The opening night also featured live music from Maz Manzini Music (from around 7.30pm).

Read more via the link below:


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24 March 2018 – Healthy Junkies + 3 more bands – FREE event at Phoenix Bar

The Phoenix Bar in Bridge Street High Wycombe hosted a four band FREE event on Saturday 24th March 2018.

24th March 2018 – FREE four band event at The Phoenix Bar – High Wycombe

Details of the bands – taken from The Phoenix website, read as follows:

Healthy Junkies

Parisian Lead singer Nina Courson met British guitarist Phil Honey-Jones in 2009 in the now defunct venue Punk in Soho. Both of them were in separate bands at the time, but it wasn’t long before ideas of their own and a new-found mutual volatility raised its wretched head and they started to write songs together. The shared influences of the likes of Iggy Pop, Nirvana, Blondie, Killing Joke,Sonic Youth, Bauhaus and Bowie played a big part and Inspiration for lyrics came from far and wide, blurring the lines between autobiography and fiction. They played their first gig together at an all day punk festival in Brighton in September 2010 where the promoter ran off with the money and Healthy Junkies only got to play for 15 mins before the festival shut down. Since then the band have played all over the U.K. including several appearances at the mighty Rebellion Punk Festival and their self-hosted monthly night at The Unicorn, Camden, London, called Punk’n’roll rendezvous – and have toured Europe regularly. Healthy Junkies were featured on a New York radio station and talk show in October and are laying the groundwork for an East coast US tour next year. On stage Nina interacts with the other band members and entices her audience in a way that has become the trademark of their live shows. Record releases include their debut album Sick Note in 2011, The Lost Refuge and Box of Chaos (STP Records) and the E.P. ‘Hair of the dog’.



PollyPikPocketz are a double-vocalist rock band from London. The two front girls Ally and Myura formed as a songwriting harmony duo in 2014. Frog joined to help produce their tracks and soon they were churning out songs like lyrical machines, developing songs that were metaphorical, humorous, full of fun and sung with angst. A year and a half later Pollypikpocketz evolved dramatically when Mat joined as the guitarist, bringing an improv-style that chose “awesome sounding ” over technical. Frog, previously a singer, found a new direction playing bass for PollyPikPocketz. The group today have a take-no-prisoners punk-rock feel. Their live sound has been described as “an intense, passionate performance that is in your face but with genuine emotion and laughter. Flowing harmonies and unique lyrics, that are tongue in cheek but always written from the heart. Incomparable to a single genre.”


Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

AReading-based high-energy original punk/post-punk band with a growing reputation as an incendiary live act, Who Killed Nancy Johnson? formed in 2015 and began gigging in 2016. Their 2017 EP Cops and Robbers was followed in 2018 by Flat Earth Theory, and an album is in the works for later in the year. They have played in Europe and have radio appearances and support slots for name bands under their belts.



A four-piece punk band from Surrey, Freakouts formed with the idea of inspiring carnage. Their raucous live shows make them ones to watch as they are beginning to break out of the hills and take the rest of the UK by storm. They’re loud, fast, and in your face.


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Check out the Phoenix Bar website below for their latest gigs


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10 March 2018 – Blunders, Yur Mum and more – Phoenix Bar

A FREE entry five band ‘punk’ spectacular took place at The Phoenix, High Wycombe on Saturday 10th March 2018.

The Blunders – Phoenix Bar flyer for 10th March 2018

To give you an idea of what to expect the following was posted before the gig – in no particular order and with descriptions as quoted from their respective websites/social media outputs – here’s a list of the bands:

The Blunders

“Hard hitting biting lyrics with a driving yet understated beat that lets you scream at the worlds faults while dancing ya arse off.”

They impressed at The Phoenix on their previous appearance in November 2017.


Yur Mum

“London based DIY grungers. Yur Mum bring their brand of high energy rock and roll”


Static Personality

“3-piece indie post-punk explosion hailing from High Wycombe. Our message is audacious, bold, subversive, witty and is an exciting new branch to the post-punk alternative indie”


Carter Daze

“Woking’s favourite rebel sons Carter Daze’s DIY approach mixes a punk ethos with rock ‘n’ roll storytelling to create a diverse sound that’s somewhere between ‘Blue Album’ Weezer and ‘Up The Bracket’ Libertines, with a socio-political twist. With a whole host of gigs coming up across Surrey and London this spring, their live show is always intense, chaotic and not to be missed!”


DC Spectres

“3 Piece Garage punk/trash…fusing 60’s garage and 70’s punk with side orders of surf and Klub Foot rhythms.”


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21 February 2018 – Emperor’s Bits – Wycombe Sound radio show

I was again honoured to be asked to guest on local radio station Wycombe Sound – this time by Andy Aliffe for his ‘Emperor’s Bits’ show broadcast on Wednesday 21st February 2018.

Andy, assisted by his friend Stevyn Colgan, launched the show earlier in 2018, with the website description claiming : ‘The Emperor’s Bits’ is an eclectic mix of music and chat and looks at the quirkier side of Wycombe history. It is not wrong!

The Emperor’s Bits – Wycombe Sound radio show featuring Andy Aliffe (right) and Stevyn Colgan (left).

I was extremely grateful to be called in to promote the wycombegigs.co.uk website and also give from some background to High Wycombe appearances by a few of the iconic artists featured to date – including The Rolling Stones, The Who, David Bowie and The Move.

It was also amazing to share the studio with fellow guest Barbara Arucci. Barbara attended The Rolling Stones gig at Wycombe Town Hall in December 1963 aged just 13 and was lucky enough, through a family connection, to be allowed backstage with members of the group.  A photo of this meeting appeared in the Bucks Free Press and an original survives as a prize possession of Barbara until this day.

Backstage photo of The Rolling Stones taken at High Wycombe Town Hall – December 1963

Back in 1999, Barbara and her friends were invited to attend a re-launch of Wycombe Museum in Priory Road, where a blown –up version of the photo was proudly displayed.

The three girls featured in the 1963 back-stage picture with The Rolling Stones are re-united at a re-launch of Wycombe Museum in 1999 – picture from swop.org.uk

It was fantastic to hear from somebody who was actually at these great moments in the history of the town and her recollections of other music venues. Barbara also brought along another picture of The Rolling Stones, with a complete set of autographs on the rear – including the sadly departed Brian Jones.

Barbara in February 2018 with her treasured signed Rolling Stones picture.

An enjoyable hour or so in the company of Andy and Stevyn. Both gentlemen can boast an fascinating history of working in all manner of walks of life – Andy spent 20 years with the BBC, Stevyn spent 30 years working for the Police in Cornwall but has more recently worked as researcher on the QI TV show and also written several books.  You can read more via the link at the foot of this page.

They warned me I might be invited back to track through memorable music moments from the 1970’s, 1980’s and beyond.  So keep an eye and ear out for that and tune in for an hour of random fun.

You can use the ‘listen again’ feature on the Wycombe Sound website to hear the show again for up to a month after the original broadcast date.

More information on the show via the link below:


Listen again:




9 February 2018 – Rage DC, Black Bullets, DSA, Slow Faction, Useless Easters – Phoenix Bar

Bracknell rockers Rage DC topped a five band event at The Phoenix bar in High Wycombe on Friday 9th February 2018. Entry was just £5 and was billed as ‘An evening of good old Punk Rock’n’Roll.’

Rage DC and plenty of support at The Phoenix on Friday 9th February 2018

Plenty of info on Rage DC via their Facebook group, including links to the supporting bands too.


Due on first at 7.30pm were The Useless Eaters – they are a punk covers band and are no strangers to High Wycombe having played several times at The Hobgoblin (since renamed back to The Three Tuns).

Read more about The Useless Eaters on their Facebook page.


Running Order

  • Rage DC 10:30:00 PM 11:15:00 PM
  • Black Bullets 9:45:00 PM 10:15:00 PM
  • Slow Faction 9:00:00 PM 9:30:00 PM
  • DSA 8:15:00 PM 8:45:00 PM
  • Useless Eaters 7:30:00 PM 8:00:00 PM

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Check out the Phoenix Bar website below for their latest gigs