29 April 1977 – The Jam release debut single – In The City

With a least one Nag’s Head performance to their credit, The Jam released their debut single, ‘In The City’, on Saturday 29th April 1977 on Polydor records.  The song took its title from the ‘B side’ of The Who single ‘I’m a Boy, released in August 1966.

In The City – cover of The Jam’s debut single released 29th April 1977

The Jam had appeared at The Nag’s Head earlier in 1977 but as the single gradually made an impact on the UK charts, you would have had another chance to see them at the High Wycombe venue on 12th May 1977.  They would also perform the single on Top of the Pops a week later.  The single reached No.40 in the UK charts.

The debut album, also titled ‘In The City’, would be released a week before their 2nd Nag’s Head appearance.

The YouTube clip below is The Jam performing In The City at Manchester’s Electric Circus in 1977. It shows the pure energy of their live performances at the time.

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