14 February 1975 – Brewer’s Droop – Technical College

Friday 14th February 1975 – Brewer’s Droop – Technical College

Ron Watts’ band, Brewer’s Droop were guests at the 1975 Valentine’s Ball at High Wycombe Technical College.  If I am reading the advert correctly, your romantic night out would have started out with the charmingly named Dildo Kids!!  Although that may have been a strap line for The Droop?

Music paper advert for Brewer’s Droop mini tour – February 1975, including Wycombe, Birmingham and Bognor

By the time of this gig, ‘The Droop’ had been gigging for more than four years, clocking up more than a 1,000 dates but regular gigs were on the downturn, leaving a then 33 year old Watts to concentrate on promoting.

The Technical College was also set for a change, when in September 1975 it was renamed (or in modern jargon, ‘rebranded’) to Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education.  Under both banners it would regularly host gigs throughout the 1970’s and beyond, while ‘rock concerts’ at the nearby Town Hall gradually became less frequent.

It was just over a year later that Watts returned to the venue (to help book a stripper) and bumped into a ‘bunch of scruffs’ called ‘The Sex Pistols’. The rest is..etc…

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