21 April 1977 – Little Bob Story – Nag’s Head

Thursday 21st April 1977 – Little Bob Story – Nag’s Head.

French Rhythm ‘n’ Blues outfit Little Bob Story returned to the Nag’s Head for another headline performance.  Front by Roberto Piazza (AKA ‘Little Bob’), the band were formed in 1974 and released their debut album, High Time, in 1976. Two further albums followed in 1977 (Living In The Fast Lane and Little Bob Story).

Gig listings show they played had previously played at The Nag’s Head on 10th October 1976 and 10th February 1977 – this and the two previous shows were promoted by Blues lover Ron Watts who continued to put on his favoured brand of music alongside the steady stream of ‘punk’ and ‘new wave’ acts.

Bucks Free Press advert for gigs at Nag’s Head – April/May 1977

The Bucks Free Press advert for the gig shows Nuclear Rouge as support to Little Bob Story, while forthcoming gigs include John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett, Lew Lewis Band and the return of Bees Make Honey.

However, while Ron Watts’ was embracing the resurgence of the live music scene by promoting gigs at The Nag’s Head, the nearby Town Hall still had its doors shut to ‘rock concerts’.  It seems from another BFP advert that more popular at The Town Hall were the Wrestling events.

Bucks Free Press advert – Wrestling at The Town Hall – April 1977

On the same evening that Little Bob Story powered out their Blues riffs down The Nag’s you could have gone to a ‘Girls, Girls, Girls…Tag Thriller’, featuring Miss Mitzi Mueller and Sexy Suzy Perkins versus The Irish Colleens.  While the main event was The Horrific Masked Mummu?

If you favoured The Nag’s Head entertainment that evening, the YouTube clip below provides a taster.

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