7 April 1977 – Crossfire – Nag’s Head

Thursday 7th April 1977- Crossfire – Nag’s Head.

Local band Crossfire played on one of the regular Thursday ‘rock’ nights at The Nag’s Head in April 1977.  They went on to play a couple of support dates at Aylesbury Friars later that year and were described in an Friars Newsletter from July 1977 as ‘High Wycombe and Chesham legends’, after finishing third in the Friars poll for ‘Best Local Band’ of 1976.

Bucks Free Press advert April 1977

The line-up for the Nag’s Head gig is believed to be Chris Dennis (lead and slide guitar/vocals), Chris Oldham (lead vocals/guitar), Roger Batchelor (bass/vocals) and Dave Gaylor (drums). Band members Dennis and Batchelor were also connected with High Wycombe Music shop Sun Records (on the Oxford Road and next to where Scorpion Records would pop up later in 1977).  Dennis’s guitar style was likened to Eric Clapton.  They also finished 6th in the 1977 Friars ‘Best Local Band’ poll.

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