21 July 1977 – Boys – Nag’s Head

London based band The Boys returned to The Nag’s Head on Thursday 21st July 1977 for what is believed to be their first headline performance at the famous High Wycombe venue.  The origins of the band date back to late 1975 and they emerged out of the London punk scene a year later – signing a record deal with Liverpool based NEMS records in January 1977.

The line-up consisted of Matt Dangerfield (guitar/vocals), ‘Honest’ John Plain (guitar/vocals), Casino Steel (keyboards/vocals), ‘Kid’ Reid (bass/vocals) and Jack Black (drums).

The Boys – circa 1977

An earlier appearance at The Nag’s Head in February 1977 had seen them support The Jam.  The rise of the latter had been dramatic and two days after The Boys’ July 1977 appearance at The Nag’s Head, The Jam would take to the stage at High Wycombe Town Hall for the highest profile gig in the Town for many years.

Meanwhile, The Boys were still awaiting the release of their debut album – recorded in May 1977 and eventually released in September 1977 as the self titled The Boys.  Two singles were also released in 1977 – ‘I Don’t Care’ and then ‘First Time’.

You can hear the full album audio via YouTube

Pure 1977 power pop punk


Official band website http://www.theboys.co.uk/

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  1. Thanks to Steve Metcalfe from theboys.co.uk website, who made contact to clarify the band line-up for the Nag’s Head date in July 1977.
    He added: ‘The Boys were known as The Beatles of Punk and one of the concepts was that rather than have one lead singer they would have several lead singers. In the recording studio Matt Dangerfield sung the majority of the band’s lead vocals. On live outings (in 1977) the lead vocal duties were split roughly 50/50 between Matt Dangerfield and Kid Reid. Casino Steel would have also sung many of the harmonies live (as well as on their records). On every Boys release contributions are penned as “guitar/vocals”, “bass/vocals” and “keyboards/vocals”.’

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