17 March 1977 – Shucks – Nag’s Head

Thursday 17th March 1977 – Shucks – Nag’s Head

It was not all ‘punk’ down The Nag’s Head during 1977.  Shucks were High Wycombe’s contribution to the ‘County’ music scene during the 1970’s.  They consisted of Paul Sharman (bass, lead singer), Spike Jones (guitar, banjo, vocals), Pete Sharp (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Bob Walker (drums, vocals), George Ricci (sax), and Steve Darrington on piano, harmonica, accordion, clarinet and vocals.

Shucks – High Wycombe’s contribution to the Country Music scene in the 1970’s

I’m grateful to Gary Jones for providing the following for wycombegigs.co.uk: “The band was formed from the remnants of a country band featuring Spike Jones and Paul Sharman which had a regular Friday night slot at The George pub on the approach road to Slough.  Prior to this Spike Jones and Steve Darrington formed an acoustic blues duo with a regular spot upstairs at The Coach and Horses (formerly in the High Street, High Wycombe).  A relatively-unknown Paul Simon used to gig there. I remember talking to him at the bar.  His big song at the time was ‘I am a rock’ [circa 1965].”

Meanwhile according to Steve Darrington’s website, Shucks ‘played on the same circuit as AC/DC, Dire Straits and top pub rock bands of the time’.  Shucks member Spike Jones will also be remembered for his time with The Blues Shakers and The Boogie Band.

Nag’s Head poster March 1977 featuring forthcoming gigs for Generation X & Deathwish, Shucks and Bees Make Honey

I’m sure there must be people out there with memories of these gigs?

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